Equal audition time and chance for ToppDogg on the UNIT!

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ToppDogg was/is treated poorly and unfairly in their audition on the Korean survival show called "The Unit (더 유닛)", where they attempt to put new fire on their dream. Their audition was not aired fully at all and even their performance was kept in the dark for a long time. They had to redo their performance four times and in the end because of technical faults and "lack of time" all of them didn't get to individually appeal to the judges, like every other participant in the show. Only one of them got booted at first. The judges rudely claimed that this was member B-Joo's fault that he was in the spotlight, which made the artist cry for the sake of his team. Hojoon begged to dance, after which judge Rain gave him a pity boot. Most members didn't get to show the judges their individual skills, because "time ran out" thanks to previous technical issues. This is unfair and everyone deserves an equal chance in the show, please watch their great audition and sign for ToppDogg.