Aadhar Card bio-metric update of children above 15 years of age

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Dear All,

As you all now know that Aadhar Card is the most important document of our life.

You must be knowing that you need to update biometric data of the child once he/she crosses 15 years of age. And at this age most of the children are in 10th standard.

With the level of competition in modern day schooling and the curriculum they have to cover, every moment is very precious for the children having studying in 10th (few ones may be in 9th), as such if they have to visit the Aadhar Center for update is very disturbing for both children and respective parents. Specially since it takes lot of pain to get token for the day’s entry in enrollment center since they admit only those with token which is generally been issued very early in the morning to typically only for 30 enrollments / update in a day. Besides you can never be sure if you are going to get the token for the day or not.

If UIDAI can send their team with preset time table to update the biometric data at the school itself, students and parents can be relieved of major pain. And it’s viable for UIDAI also as at one location they will get in the multiple of 40+ students (standard classroom capacity and no of divisions school may have). Every year UIDAI shall send the team to school for students having crossed 15 years of age.