Fair treatment at Brunel University

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We believe that throughout the course of the academic year Nicholas Drewe has been unfairly treated by the Union of Brunel Students. His removal from the Lacrosse Club, due to the one incident with Olivia Barnes in Load of Hay on 15th March 2017, was a disproportionate punishment. This one incident of verbal confrontation was the only account found to have any grounding, out of the many accusations Olivia held against him. Therefore, a lifetime social ban from the club where he was previously a committee member, alongside a full ban from the club for the remainder of the academic year pending reformation of behaviour, is an overly harsh punishment. Olivia Barnes also accused Nicholas Drewe of numerous other incidents of abuse, both verbal and physical, all of which have been found unsubstantiated by the union committee.

By signing this, you are stating agreement with the following statements:

a) That Nicholas Drewe has been unfairly punished by the Union of Brunel Students; the punishment does not fit the infraction.

b) The accusations against Nicholas Drewe bear no resemblance to your experience of his character.