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Stop the attacks on animal rescue operations.

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Chico and Friends Saving Dogs is a rescue organization that relocates dogs from southern high kill animal shelters. They are on track to save 1,000, that’s 1,000 dogs this year from being killed.

Recently two disgruntled adopters have made it their mission to discredit the organization. They claim that Chico’s is financially motivated and that the treatment and conditions the dogs live in are deplorable. First, Chico’s operates at a loss. They are not in the business of selling dogs for profit, they are in the business of saving dogs lives and re-homing them into loving families. I was there on December 23rd to drop of some supplies and a financial donation which also happened to be a free dog day. They were waiving adoption fees so that the dogs would have a home for Christmas, not very money driven in my opinion. With regards to the conditions the dogs live in, I visit there several times a year to donate and have never seen the dogs in any unpleasant conditions. People have said that dogs are sometimes two to a kennel. I have not seen that, but if so, who cares. The dogs are usually adopted out in less that two weeks. If I were one of the dogs, I would be fine being cramped for a week or two then adopted out as opposed to being executed. Understand, Chico’s relocates the dogs that are about to be KILLED. Could you look at a dog and say sorry, you are going to die because we don’t have enough space to put you in your own kennel and if we double you up someone will report us. If I were in jail in South Carolina and they were going to execute me to make room fore someone else, I would jump at the opportunity to come to Vermont and get to live in a house even if it meant spending 2 weeks in a small cell with 6-10 other people.

Comments were also made about the dogs being malnourished or in poor health. These are RESCUE dogs. They were not living at a spa or in a loving home. They were abused, starved and abandon. That is what they are being rescued from. Expectations of dogs in perfect health and physical shape are unrealistic. There have been two dogs I am aware of this year that were seriously ill. Statistically, this is extremely low. 2 out of a 1000 is superior. My understanding is that in both instances Chico’s offered to take the dog back. Expectations of a blank check to pay for vet bills is again unrealistic.

I got my dog from there and I can say with great certainty that I would not support them if they were not doing such a great service for these dogs. They should be thanked, not criticized.

So, these critics should open their own rescue operations and once they are rescuing 1,000 dogs a year, then they are entitled to criticize. Until then, try providing support and solutions instead of criticism.

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