We Need a Bean Emoji

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Fellow Bean Connoisseurs,
Today, I was discussing my plans to fill my shoes with beans with my Bean Bro- to bestow luck upon us when we try to skateboard for the first time. That is when I noticed a major flaw in society- it’s negligence and exclusion of people who love, are devout to, or simply appreciate beans to converse with people over beans through emojis. If you would take a moment to look through all the food emojis, we have a plethora of foods ranging from Chinese fried rice (�), tacos (�), broccoli (�), canned tomato soup (�), and cake (�) [we are also able to send friends a message containing a single slice of cake (�)], yet we have no emoji for beans. I feel this is very foodist towards all bean lovers of the world- and it calls for change. The solution is simple, create and approve a bean emoji. A bowl of palatable beans, or just a single, appalling bean would make all the difference to us bean lovers of the world.