The World Needs a #HaggisEmoji!

The World Needs a #HaggisEmoji!

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We are proposing the addition of the Haggis Emoji.

Not only is haggis the most famous Scottish dish, but it is also the national dish of Scotland. With other national food favourites such as pizza, sushi, pretzels burritos and croissants already able to show off their own emoji, surely it’s time that Scotland’s national dish could do the same?

Mentioned in Robert Burns' 1787 poem Address to a Haggis, it is an iconic celebration of Burns Night which brings together families and friends together every year on 25th January.

Haggis is also widely consumed at other cultural events in Scotland, as well as being an everyday delicacy enjoyed by residents and visitors to Scotland alike.

Haggis is a well known Scottish meat dish, traditionally served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) but now frequently used in fine dining and modern and international dishes such as nachos, fajitas, cannelloni, seafood dishes and more.

McCaskie Butchers from the West of Scotland make Scotland's most awarded haggis, having won six of the last eight annual haggis competitions.  As such, they firmly believe that haggis deserves its place in the emoji language and so they have launched a campaign for public support of a #haggisemoji.  Whether sharing a recipe, a photo or simply telling people that you love Scotland, a haggis emoji is bound to be much loved and used.

Haggis is symbolic of Scotland as a whole and not just as part of its foodie heritage.  Haggis lovers and tourists alike would love to demonstrate their love for Scotland using a haggis emoji!

Currently, there are no existing haggis emojis on any major vendor platforms.

Mentions of 'haggis' peak on 25 January (Burns Night) and again on 30 November (St Andews Day) but we want people to be able to share their love of haggis all year round.

Please introduce the #haggisemoji!


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