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Retrieving the heritage that was destroyed by ISIS

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As we know ISIS tries to wipe the history of countries, where it exists like Syria, Iraq and even Libya through bombing temples, historical areas, religious shrines, stealing historical statues, monuments, killing archaeologists and historians like Khalid Al-Asaad who was a famous Syrian archaeologist.

To be specific we can use powers and abilities of Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi archaeologists, historians, writers, sculptors, actors and singers who live in their countries or refugees to let new generations know about their history, know about ISIS barbarity and to help their people through writing down books, stories, articles, personification historical characters in films, plays, sculpting models of temples, statues, historical cities like Palmyra that was almost destroyed and make a website to be like an archive, a window for their issue to the world.

Here in Egypt and other countries you can find Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi refugees... I think that we should move and take real steps to keep in touch with all organizations that can help and with refugees, I have already sent E-mail messages to UNESCO's branch here in Egypt and I don't get any response but it doesn't matter as I keep trying.


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