Make weekends 3 days long instead of 2

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2 days is too short for a weekend, as soon as u start to relax, it would be over. Friday is a day where half of it is gone and the only advantage is sleeping later, saturday is the one and only day u can wake up late and sleep late, sunday u can only wake up late but sleep early. As sson as ur stress is starting to decrease, u have to go back to ur job/school (Using american weekend days for the example). This chnage would be great, even if the people who work could have a choice of working at home or going to the office would be good enough but generally students need more time to rest and study 2 days is too short to fit that in and straight after it they get new topics and essays e.t.c to revise/do. The longer weekend would be an advantage to everyone. This does not mean that "business days" would decrease too, its just another day off for students and an option for people who work to either stay at home and work or just go to the office, It would reduce the pressure on a human. The tired brains of students need a rest and i know that the last generations had a way harder time in school but that doesnt mean we have to got ghrough your pain, instead of taking revenge on the innocent, try to help to make the world a better place.