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In 2014 An Orwellian double-speak

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Jan 4, 2014 — re: Grocery Manufacturers Want Foods with GMOs to be labeled as "Natural"
2014 is the 30th anniversary of Orwell's 1984; If "natural l" were to become 'unnatural",redefining "natural' to include GMOs, would become the epitome of Orwellian ' double speak"

The institutional Collusion, in relation to genetically engineered food and crops, among corporations, governments, universities and regulatory agencies has been endemic; For the sake of food security for present and future generations: (i) this collusion must end; (ii) the
precautionary principle must be invoked, (iv) genetically engineered food and
crops, banned; (v) the charters of Monsanto et al, revoked; and (vi) charges of gross/criminal negligence against these corporations, levied

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