The UK to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe

The UK to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sam Pearson

Putin’s war of aggression is an obscenity, an immeasurable crime against the people of Ukraine, and a stain on the conscience of Europe.
It is too late to avert this catastrophe, but we can offer aid and sanctuary to those driven from their homes. 

We propose and demand that Her Majesty’s Government take the following measures:
1.     To provide further funds, outside of the existing foreign aid budget, that should total equal or greater than £150 million to provide food, shelter, and healthcare to refugees fleeing Ukraine.
2.    To waive entry requirements for displaced Ukrainians,
3.    To delay the passage or implementation of the Nationality and Borders Bill until the crisis has passed.
4.    To direct the Home Office to formulate plans for the expedited settlement of refugees in this country, for the medium to long-term.
5.    To lobby our European partners to accept more refugees, leveraging our commitment to persuade others to aid displaced persons.
We ask for a lot. But this is a generational crisis, and whatever we give will be a pittance for what it will purchase - the security and safety of the vulnerable, who could be us but for the grace of circumstance.

We have the opportunity and means to act, we should not be found wanting for lack of will. 

In hope and expectation,

181 have signed. Let’s get to 200!