The UK supermarkets and retailers to donate unsold food to NGOs and charities

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Every year billions of dollars of unsold food is wasted around the world - including in the United Kingdom - while the hungry, homeless and poor families are struggling to feed themselves around us. According to Children International, for $30 billion, we could end world hunger completely. But every year, just one country on its own throws away more than five times that much ($165 billion) in unwanted snacks and meals.

Thankfully, we in the UK, haven't reached that stage yet but the scale is still enormous. It has been reported that supermarkets in the UK now throw away a combined 300,000 tonnes of food waste each year. Another figure shows that wasted food would be enough for 650 million meals. While some supermarkets have taken measures to confront this issue, it is not enough considering 1 in 12 have gone a whole day without eating here in the UK.

France has taken a brilliant step to tackle this issue by forcing supermarkets to give unsold food to the NGOs and charities confronting hunger and poverty. We want the same law here in the United Kingdom. Please join me by signing and sharing this petition!