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Make All Star Great Again

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All Star is one of the greatest songs ever. Yet it does not get enough recognition for being so great. I want All Star to become no. 1 in the UK. A song becomes no. 1 for a week if it is the most played song from a certain Saturday until the next Friday. I have chosen 11th August - 17th August as our dates for the rise of All Star. From those dates you can do the following things to help: 

  • Buy All Star. It's only £0.99, which I'm sure you can spare.
  • Listen to it on streaming services. Many streaming services are involved with the counting for the charts. 
  • A trick I thought of is to turn your volume to 0, put All Star on repeat and leave your phone overnight playing All Star. As long as you keep it on charge, you should be fine.
  • I'm not sure if YouTube views count towards the charts, but if you can't buy it or you don't have a streaming service, you can try!

So come and join in and shock the chart counters as we make All Star great again!

YouTube video for song:
iTunes link: (this link is to the album, yet you can buy the song as a singular item!)
Google Play: (this link is to the album, yet you can buy the song as a singular item!)

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