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Judges in the British and UK courts regularly take bribes. They are called 'gifts' and 'loans'. This is when a box is placed in the court room by the opponent which contains large sums of money and a note which details about what judgement they want. When no one is looking, the box goes missing and the party giving the box gets a favourable judgement. The court clerk is also involved in it most of the times and so are defending lawyers. Examples include placing boxes in bins or leaving them on tables or even under the chairs in the court room. In the High court, these boxes are placed on the book shelf in the corner of the court room by the court clerk. This system called 'The Gift System' was in place in the infamous Stephen Lawrence case where murderers were being let off because judges were taking bribes. The government is aware of this system and it exists mainly in the civil system. The government has abolished civil legal aid for this exact same reason as they know the problem is out of control and they don't want to waste their own money on this corrupt system which no one has confidence in. They keep it secret from the public because they want us to believe that corruption exists in other countries and not the UK. A website detailing the criminal acts of one particular judge called Judge Simon Oliver from Reading has been substantially documented. The link is:


The government, the queen, the ministry of justice, the police and the media have refused to do anything or report any of these allegations. The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) states that judges taking bribes is a matter for the police and the JCIO only deals with judges being rude or shouting. It is now up to us, the public to fight for justice away from all this cover up and demand stricter penalties punishable by committal and indictment for judges and any official caught taking bribes or when the presentation of unexplained false facts in judicial judgements are given. Many victims exist but not many speak up out of fear. It is now time to execute Operation 'X' on to the UK government and demand justice.


Several government departments also give and take bribes. These are:

* The Disclosure and Barring Service who maliciously bar and ban health professionals and teachers by falsely accusing them of paedophilia by receiving 'gifts'.

* The Government legal department solicitors and attorney general who cover it up by using this same gift system to deny justice to members of the public during appeal processes.

* NHS hospital trusts using taxpayers money to bribe judges to cover up medical negligence and deaths from deliberate wrongdoing.

* Some police officers also take bribes using this same gift system to testify to false evidence and place false charges on innocent people. The commissioner of police also refuses to investigate this as the problem is out of control and widespread.

* Social workers also give and take bribes to put children in to care using this same 'Gift' system. They work with the family court judges to claim state foster care benefits to look after these children and split the difference. The more children that go in to care, the more the judges and social workers make. In fact, the majority of them even have their own limited companies to look after these children and once challenged, they close it down and open another one. 





We The People demand justice from the UK Government because British court judges are refusing to rule in our favour because we do not have money and cannot bribe them using 'Gifts' and 'Loans'. Our reputations are being ruined and our families are being destroyed because British court judges are openly and casually taking bribes using 'The Gift System'. The complaints procedure, the appeal procedure and the ombudsman system is a cover up and helps the corrupt party cover up their corruption and crimes. The police, the home office, politicians as well as parliament refuse to investigate the complaints from the public too. We now require A NEW CRIMINAL OFFENCE which is prosecuted by a new, impartial public body to bring these corrupt judges, lawyers, police officers and politicians to justice and answer for their crimes to a jury. Charges should be placed on the accused as soon as any allegation is made against them of corruption in any form which is then trialled by a jury to decide whether they have committed any crimes. The UK has a history of creating independent bodies which then turn out to be corrupt themselves such as the JACO, JCIO, Tribunal complaints system, Appeals processes, Ombudsman, the police, IPCC etc, therefore, a similar system should be deployed as they do in the Asian countries. Due to the nature of the alleged corruption, the maximum penalty should be LIFE IN PRISON and publication in the media of their crimes after a jury verdict convicts them. Consideration should also be given whether they should be REMANDED IN CUSTODY simply upon allegations of corruption, judicial corruption and bribery being made (similar to the way the public can be sent to prison on just allegations).

We believe this is a step in the right direction in getting justice back to where it belongs in the first place, which is THE PEOPLE!! and not with politicians, judges, lawyers and police officers making millions from ruining other peoples lives.


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