All MP's to pass a full disclosure Data Base Search before being able to serve as an MP

All MP's to pass a full disclosure Data Base Search before being able to serve as an MP

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Started by Bob Stewart

In order for me to work within the Care sector I have to pass an Enhanced Data Base Search (a criminal records check) as I am working with vulnerable people within my community and rightly so, we wouldn't want anyone just doing these types of jobs. Peoples lives' are within our hands so there has to be some safe guards in place to protect them. 

So why oh why don't the people who hold parliamentary office, our MP's, not have to pass one too ?. Their actions affect all of us. There has been too much "one rule for us and one rule for them" it's time they leveled up to the standards they implement on us. This should also include their special advisors too as we have seen how much sway they hold with no real accountability to us.

The present system is failing us with the likes of second job's, expenses scandal swept under the mat, illegal lobbying, jobs for the boys, mega golden handshakes with a top job waiting for you when you leave office, trying to rewrite the rules to suit their own needs so we need a real change if there is any real hope of sorting out our so called democracy.

We are told that a great reset is on it's way and maybe they are right. A country with good honest people running it could be where we are heading but first we need to get rid of the rot. The D.B.S is a tool that we should use to start the ball rolling. If the MP's disagree we must ask ourselves "what are they hiding ?" 

We are told we have a "Duty of Care" to those we work with but that also applies to us. We have a "Duty of Care" to ourselves and one of the worst things that someone working in Care can have leveled against them is "Failure to protect". We owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves and hold those accountable if they Fail to protect us. Please sign and share.

Thank you

17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!