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One random act of kindness for every Tory vote

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Like a lot of people in this country, this morning I woke up in a place I didn't recognise. One that values profits over people, one that stigmatises the unemployed, the disabled and the minimum wagers. A place where 'our' Prime Minister doesn't know how many people rely on food handouts to stop them from starving to death. A place where the living wage is seen as bad for business. A place where we have silently accepted the poor should bear the burden of a financial crisis that began with the greed of wealthy bankers.

11,334,920 people have voted for this world. Have said this is the type of society they want to be a part of. 

I don't accept that. So I'm proposing that we create a movement. A movement of people who want to help their elderly neighbours who are struggling with a cancer diagnosis and no carers allowance. A movement of people who place people, not profits, firmly at the heart of everything they do. This government is trying to erode our sense of community, of society. To create a world of have and have-nots. 

But we don't have to follow their lead. We don't have to accept this government of tin men without hearts. I'm proposing that for every single Tory vote that was cast in this election, we fight back with 11,334,920 random acts of kindness. Big or small. Find someone you know who is struggling and will struggle further still over the next five years. Bake a cake, lend an ear, support a charity, carry some shopping, babysit for free. 

Sign this petition and commit to an act of kindness. Say no to a nation of SelfServatives!

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