The UK, Labour Party for supporting pro-LTTE, terrorist group.

The UK, Labour Party for supporting pro-LTTE, terrorist group.

4 December 2019
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Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn, (MP Leader of the Labour Party) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Widura Wakishta

“Stop receiving funding from pro-LTTE lobby groups this is blood Money.” 

The Labour Party has lost its moral compass by supporting the pro-LTTE lobby groups, who created mayhem in Sri Lanka for 30 years by having an armed struggle. The struggle is not justify, why because it's not like the United Kingdom where there is rampant discrimination you don't have anyone from the minority communities in key positions in high office, may that be in the military, Navy, Police or the Air Force or the High Court’s Judges but in Sri Lanka we have people from the Tamil community at the highest office in the land. Majority of the major businesses in Colombo are run and owned by the Tamil minority who live in Colombo and other part or Sri Lanka and they do not agree with your statement after all the pro-LTTE lobby has killed so many Tamil political party groups in the Island. The pro-LTTE groups recruit at child soldiers and gave them cyanide capsules and abused so many Tamil civilians who had no choice but to listen and take instructions from the oppressors which were the LTTE. A large proportion of Tamil refugees who came here in the 80s and the 90s were involved in all sorts of illicit activities from credit card fraud to extracting money from the Tamil diaspora under duress. 

John McDonnel, Labour Party’s Shadow Minister comments in a video and twitter messages on the Tamil community in Sri Lanka, was released by John McDonnel, Labour Party’s Shadow Minister representing Hayes & Harlington constituency, Labour Party to drum up support of Tamil voters with the British parliamentary election scheduled for December 12, 2019. 
There is no proof of genocide against Tamils. The fact is Tamils live peacefully with other races throughout the country is indirect proof that there's no genocide happening against them. The accusers were far removed from the battlefield and are solely dependent on tattletales uncorroborated information collected by armchair critics in the west and  the pro-Tamil Tiger diaspora, the LTTE’s propaganda arm called the and other Tamil asylum seekers eyeing greener pastures in developed countries to base their allegations of wrongdoing. 

Over the past few years, some diaspora Tamil groups have become more strident in their protests, advocating for a framing of the ethnic conflict as “genocide,” arguing for recognition of Tamil nationhood, and waving banned LTTE flags before the U.N. and foreign government capitals. These voices have grown louder and more organized over the past few years and are unlikely to dissipate entirely with the change in government or other new developments. 
There is no Tamil only homeland in Sri Lanka. It is a country home to several races including Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslims. 

Post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction is by nature a long-term process. Thus, Sri Lankans, the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora, and the world must allow the democratic, culturally developed, and traditionally ethnically harmonious country to heal itself in an organic, sustainable, and responsible manner, in a period of time that is roughly proportional to the more than 25 years it grappled with a terrorist insurgency that also fuelled inter-communal mistrust. 
Addressing recognition of “self-determination of Tamils” please tell us how we could do that? It is important to note that historically all parts of the island were known to have been multi-ethnic in composition from earliest recorded history. The Eastern Province was 58% Sinhalese and Muslim in ethnic composition in 1985, prior to the “ethnic cleansing” of Sinhalese and Muslims from the North and East by the LTTE. At present, the population of the commercial capital of Colombo is approximately evenly divided between the Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims. Although two-thirds of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka lived in the South and other parts of Sri Lanka throughout the years of conflict, from its inception until its last days in May 2009, the LTTE did not propose anything other than the demand for a separate state for Tamils 

The people who have suffered as a result of the conflict are more concerned about rebuilding their lives under difficult circumstances rather than supporting the continuation of the struggle for an independent state so help them to rebuild their lives. Also, we would like to remind you that UK is a sovereign country & so too is Sri Lanka – look after the British and Sri Lanka’s Government will look after Sri Lankans. 

“ President has been elected by all Sri Lankan people with a mandate to consolidate peace and develop the country, and one of his first declarations on being elected was to invite the people of all ethnicities and religions to support him to build a prosperous nation, where everybody can live with respect and dignity". 
Outside Sri Lanka, the LTTE’s international network is still active and is taking shelter among supporters in the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora. It continues to run a false propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka and it seems like John McDonnel picked up segments from such a false propaganda campaign. The examples highlighted above reveals that there are a few common themes of misinformation such as “Tamil only homeland”, “Tamil-genocide” and “Tamil discrimination and harassment” 
Therefore, the dishonest and shameful segments mentioned above promote ethnicity based separatism and hatred between races ultimately hampering the post-war reconciliation process. 

The people who have suffered as a result of the conflict are more concerned about rebuilding their lives under difficult circumstances rather than supporting the continuation of the struggle for an independent state. However as long as the separatist ideology remains, the threat to the country will certainly persist. The Tamil diaspora in various countries is endorsing the call for a separate state and boycotting any internal solutions for reconciliation. They are lobbying for an international investigation into alleged war crimes by the Sri Lankan state. These parties, however, refrain from criticizing the LTTE or holding it responsible for its crimes or its contribution to the shattered state of Sri Lankan Tamil society. 

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  • Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn,MP Leader of the Labour Party
  • John McDonnel,Labour Party