Petitioning Home Secretary Theresa May

The UK Home Office & Border Agency: Please Grant Duane Chapman his Visa to enter the UK

Duane Chapman is an American bounty hunter who has captured over 7,000 criminals in a career spanning over 30 years. He has been denied a visa to enter the UK due to a criminal conviction 35 years ago. A charge that old should have no bearing on the decision to deny Mr Chapman his visa in light of his continued work to fight crime across the USA. We feel he should be able to enter the UK.

Letter to
Home Secretary Theresa May
Please grant Duane Chapman his Visa to enter the UK. A 35 year old criminal conviction should have no bearing on your decision to deny his visa, especially in light of these facts:

1. Mr Chapman has captured over 7,000 criminals in the United States in his 30 year career as a bounty hunter, most notable being his capture of Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir wanted on 87 counts of rape.

2. Former Pampa police Officer Charles Love, who was the responding officer in 1976 when Mr Chapman was arrested, submitted a declaration saying that "Chapman's role in the crime was minor," and that he was a model inmate until he was granted early release.
Mr Love went on to say "He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. I know they have rules, but that's 35 years ago. I think he deserves a chance."

3. Mr Chapman has been on television in the United States and the UK for the past nine years, starring in his own reality TV show, where he chases dangerous criminals in Hawaii & Colorado.

I believe that these factors are sufficient evidence to grant Mr Chapman his visa to enter the UK.

I would like to ask you to please take action to ensure that this matter is solved as soon as possible.