To stop our government selling off the NHS

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The UK government are selling off the NHS.

This planned process is happening now. The UK government have produced a booklet called the naylor review which is an asset strippers handbook. This has been written by Lloyds.

The government will no longer fund hospitals. Hospitals have to raise their own money by selling any assets. The only way they can raise money is to sell off their assets.

For every pound they raise they will get two  from the treasury. It is fronted by Dr Naylor. A company has been set up called NHS property services. The UK government are putting 10 billion pounds of tax payers money to help the asset stripping of the NHS. This is really happening!! 

Please help stop this from happening. We pay our taxes towards our welfare not to have it taken away. Please sign the petition. Let's let our government know we will not accept this. 

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