Stop no deal Brexit to prevent the suffering of those on life saving daily medication.

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A recently released government dossier has outlined that a no deal Brexit would put the lives of Type 1 Diabetics and child cancer patients at significant risk, due to an inability to effectively safeguard a continuous supply of their medicines beyond the sudden exit of the UK from the European Union. Medicines like Insulin are not produced in the UK and have to be imported from mainland Europe in refrigerated conditions in order to retain their efficacy. For this reason, they are unable to be effectively stockpiled in the event of a disruption to this importation, because of their expiration dates. Type 1 Diabetics, like myself, rely on daily doses of insulin in order to keep their blood sugar at a safe level. Any interruption to the necessary dose is life threatening after even a short period, and can otherwise cause life changing effects like kidney failure, heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis and ultimately, coma and death. Child cancer sufferers cannot afford to delay treatment or have their treatment even momentarily, for a myriad of similarly life threatening reasons. There are many other medical conditions that may also be affected by a No Deal Brexit and the worry amongst these already unwell people is widespread and unnecessary. No solid guarantees have been made to insure that this threat is being seriously addressed. We as affected citizens, along with our concerned friends and family, oppose a No Deal Brexit and do not agree to the risk a No Deal Brexit will take over the safeguarding of our health in order to pursue a political project. We strongly oppose a No deal Brexit on these grounds and will seek to hold those persuing this venture, with the knowledge of this risk publically responsible for any unnecessary suffering caused to already chronically unwell citizens of the UK. Stop the worry, Stop the risk. End the pursuit of a No Deal Brexit.