Pay rise for NHS staff and massive injection of funding for the NHS

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I propose that instead of clapping in support of the NHS in their valiant struggle against Corona Virus, next week we clap in support of all NHS staff receiving a suitable pay raise, and also in support of making realistically adequate funding of the NHS fundamental and unavoidable for both present and future governments.

It's a fact that we are presently being asked to protect our NHS by a very long list of multiple home owning millionaires who voted against a nurses pay raise, including our Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This hypocrisy should be tolerated no longer. Instead of clapping simply to show our appreciation for their hard work, why don't we clap to show our distain for their having been taken for granted for so long. The NHS is made up of skilled, educated and drastically underpaid workers, and has been underfunded for years in an attempt to give the false impression that it doesn't work so as to make it possible to dismantle and privatise it.
As of next week we should have some respect for the institution we are applauding by specifically clapping to show our support for NHS staff being given a substantial pay raise and for the NHS to receive adequate funding.