No profiteering off hungry children!

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It has come to light that private companies providing free school meals are taking the opportunity to profit off children's hunger.  The Government has contracted them to provide £30 worth of food per child, but instead they are providing £5 worth of food, a totally inadequate amount for the ten days it is meant to last. 

The millionaires, tax dodgers and Tory donors who are profiteering off hungry children are:

Dominic Blakemore, Compass CEO - Earns £4.6m a year

Paul Walsh, Chartwells old boss - Donated 10k to the Tories. 

Ian Meakins, Chartwells new boss - Moved last company to tax haven 

This outrageous profiteering must end, the Government must bring free school meal provision into public hands and ensure every child receives the food they need.