Disband or Reform the GDC and Sack the Chief Dental Officer

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Disband or Reform the GDC and Sack the Chief Dental Officer

We petition the government to disband or reform the GDC and sack the Chief Dental Officer as unfit for purpose as they have failed us in our and the public’s time of need for clarity during the COVID-19 crisis.

At the start of the crisis the GDC should have been in discussion with the health department and NHS to submit advice to us like many other bodies in other countries with regards to patient contact, elective surgery, aerosols, emergencies etc

It is also believed that as the GDC income remained constant the furlough scheme should not have been utilised OR the ARF should have been reduced in turn. 

There has been repeated failures with the CDO’s communications. 

The dental profession is utterly ashamed of our regulator and the Chief Dental Officer who has provided a consistently confusing and lacking response to leading Dentistry in the guidance of dentists in treating the public.

Historically, the GDC has had a progressively unfair approach to public safety by way of using underhand and unproductive methods of further bringing the profession into disrepute themselves, or even promoting and advertising the claim culture that is a burden on not just the profession but a detriment to patients alike. Spending fees chastising dentists in the public eye, but most terribly these recent weeks have been their true test. They have failed this test.

This petition seeks that the GDC in its current form be disbanded and reformEd OR dentists and auxiliaries should in the mean time or permanently be registered with the Health Professions Council.

Whilst most other western countries (Including those adjacent such as Scotland and Wales) have exceeded expectations in delivering outstanding, speedy and proficient advice and guidance to dentists, our regulator and chief dental officer have progressively mishandled advice within the profession. 

The CDO's Webinars are an example of this complete incompetence. Sara Hurley had the chance to restore the confidence of the profession with assurances that although communications had been slow, she has been fighting on our profession's behalf in the background - when in fact this has not been not so - she has come across as arrogant and incompetent, and could not even make eye contact with her virtual audience. Letting the media know of her plans to return to work on June 8th before dentists added insult to injury. 

Overall dentists in England currently have extremely poor leadership.

This Petition therefore aims to make changes whilst we have the chance to come together as a dental profession, with dentists technicians, auxiliaries and dental nurses to replace these failed establishments with wet fingered representatives who truly care both for the profession as a whole and the patients they treat. 

Our new CDO should be a merit based appointment with broad consensus from the dentists and technicians they serve. 

We will stand together to ensure a future NHS dental provision and private dentistry together is better for patients, staff and the profession as a whole without fear.