British Summertime All Year Round

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Did you know that road traffic accidents go up by around 29% when the clocks go back in this country with serious or fatal accidents going up by 10% in the four weeks afterwards making it the most dangerous time of the year to use the road? Over 60% of Britons are opposed to turning the clocks back and while 33% believe the clocks shouldn't go back at all, 29% believe The UK should adopt Central European Time which gives two additional hours of daylight in the evening. Road safety charity Brake believe that The UK should change to Single/Double British Summertime (SDBS) which is GMT+1 hour in the winter and GMT+2 hours in the summer. It is estimated that this would prevent 80 deaths and 200 serious accidents on the road per year and this is estimated to save The NHS around £2.5 billion over 20 years. This would also help the environment as less artificial light would be needed which in turn would save on energy bills with studies showing that 21% of households already struggle to pay their bills at this time of the year. 47% of Britons feel depressed in the darker evenings with 27% believing they are more vulnerable and at greater risk of muggings and accidents. More than 4 in 10 say they leave the house less and 14% say they would participate in more winter sports if they had more daylight. Longer days would also surely boost tourism. I am a sufferer of SAD and feel very depressed when the clocks go back and find it extremely difficult to overcome this. Only last week I drove over a pothole and burst a tyre. This was during the rush hour and it was a minor miracle that I didn't have a serious accident. Had it have been light I surely would have seen the pothole. So with the benefits of adopting SDBS being both physically and mentally beneficial, The NHS saving a substantial sum of money, the environment benefiting and people generally being better off financially paying lower energy bills, why do we stick with GMT?