BAME Is Not In Our Name!

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Dear Supporters,

Known for being a powerful orator and passionate social commentator please do listen to my poetic video which encapsulates the essence of my political campaign in poetic terms to call for the acronyms and terms, ‘B.A.M.E’ and ‘B.M.E’ to be abandoned in all forms of printed, digital and verbal language, used by all government departments, public bodies, policy makers and diversity professionals on the grounds that they are conceptually limiting and antiquated terms, which derive from the notion of ‘political blackness’; located the 1970s anti-racist UK struggles. The terms are not adequately nuanced to consider that racism is multifarious and multi-layered, and that different ethnic minority groups are not in complete harmony with each other. For example, Anti-black racism is endemic within non-white communities.  It’s time to ditch BAME & BME because, for me, Black Lives do not Matter enough when we use these lazy classification systems which are effectively silencing black  people of African heritage. They 'otherise' groups like Latino people too!  We need to use language that truly liberates us from the ideological shackles of oppression! If you concur please do watch and listen to my video, read the poem, and sign the petition to effect change.

The poem itself is a work in progress, and it may yet be adapted to engage with how abandoning such acronyms doesn’t mean denying the importance of the anti-racist struggle as a unifying force to combat institutional racism in all its manifold manifestations

Thank you,

Akuba (Grace Quansah)