Reopen schools across the UK in June

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Kathrine Jebsen Moore
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Our children have been off school for months. They miss their friends, teachers and learning with others. Schools and nurseries are vital to reopen the economy. The children need to know that their education matters, and that politicians put their needs first. An Icelandic study, as well as other studies, prove that children don't spread the virus:

In addition, there are many ways teachers and schools can think creatively to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection, for example outdoor lessons. 

It is vital that schools, nurseries and childminders can reopen, not only for children at risk, although they are of great concern, but for all our children. Most other European countries are successfully allowing children and young people back into the  education system. Let's not give in to fear, but make a decision to prioritise education for all the age groups before the summer holidays. Children need to know that we care and we can't throw their needs under the bus. Saving lives from covid-19 must instead be more targeted towards those at most risk. 

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