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We, the undersigned, hereby call upon the UK Government and the Scottish Assembly to bring an immediate end to "The Living Eggs Project"* (and any other similar private enterprises) in state education establishments. This is for the following reasons:
1. the Project represents the exploitation of animals for profit, with no concern for their welfare interests
2. many of the chicks born as a result of the Project suffer serious adverse welfare consequences, including abandonment and death
3. it gives school children a false view of the value of animal lives, and which fails to address the importance of providing for their welfare interests long-term and not just for the brief period of a school project

* "The Living Eggs Project" is a for-profit private enterprise which sells 'incubation kits' (with fertilised eggs) to state schools for chicks to be born in the classroom environment for a brief project on 'the miracle of life'

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