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A separate ticket price on UK trains for ages 16-21 instead of charging them adult price.

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As Millions of UK rail users see a further price hike of 3.6%, the railway system is becoming increasingly inaccessible for students and young people. A localised example to illustrate this is that a 9 mile journey from Tilehurst to Henley for college will set a student, or their family back  £7.10 per single return or £116 per month with a monthly pass. Over a college year of 9 months this will cost over £1000. These figures inevitably mean that many students will be priced out of attending the best state education and this is unfair on them as they attend this education to try and give themselves the best possible chance in the future, yet this chance is being exploited by the rail firms operating these routes.

These excessive prices also mean that many young people are unable to travel far to see famous places in their own country or follow a sports team away from home. This leads to young people all around the country having little to do and this can result in them being accused of anti-social behaviour. A return from Reading to London which is only a 40 mile journey will cost £46, a surely ridiculous amount, meaning that young people in Reading are unlikely to be able to regularly visit London, let alone the millions of young people who live further from a big city than this. 

The prices also mean that young people who do not live in towns where jobs are available may be priced out of seeking part time work as their high transport costs mean there is little economic benefit for them. This is particularly ironic as the youth minimum wage the individual will likely be working at, has been reduced due to their age, yet their rail fare to reach work has not been adjusted to their age. This injustice on young people surely has to be looked at by the Government.

With many people now studying until the age of 21, they do not have the opportunity to have a full-time job, so why should their rail fare be the same as someone who is 20 years into their career?

Here, the solution is surely clear! A revised rail fare for ages 16-21 at a substantially lower price than an adult ticket. This would mean that students would be able to travel to college or University and around the country with more regularity as the ticket price will be adapted to their situation.

Young people all around the UK would like the Government to look into this issue affecting them.

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