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The Ugly Truth of Beauty-spreading awareness against the ill effects of cosmetics.

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While the old adage ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ still holds value and reflects the universal truth but what happens to young  minds when it is bombarded with the images of models, actors splashed across  magazines, newspapers and advertisements showing flawless skins, full lips and sparkling eyes? What happens to the confidence, sense of security and self worth when the society constantly idealizes and admires an idea of ideal beauty quite far removed from what a person may or may not have?

Cosmetics and personal care products contain a wide variety of ingredients, some safe to use while some potentially dangerous which we are completely unaware of. Many people apply makeup on regular basis. The harmful ingredients used in these products are either absorbed by the skin or breathed through the lungs which may lead to major health issues. Though there has been an increase in  ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products, but they fall into very expensive range for youngsters who generally cannot afford to buy these products and pick up what is commonly available in the market. Cosmetics are even harmful for the environment. The chemicals used in the products are lethal for marine life and  if not disposed properly after usage,can be dangerous for the environment as the chemicals do not degrade easily.

 Though there are strict laws against testing of the cosmetics and personal care products on animals, we still find rules being broken and not followed in an appropriate manner. Animals used for testing cosmetics and other personal care products live a dreadful life. It is estimated that approximately around 1,00,000-2,00,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics every year around the world. The alternative methods for testing are certainly there but the manufacturer may not be willing to invest due to high cost equipment.

 To spread awareness about the serious consequences of using cosmetics and personal care products we would like to request the Concerned authorities to take appropriate steps on the following:

1. To keep a check and ban the use of heavy metals, strong chemicals and carcinogens  in the manufacturing of personal care and beauty products.

2. Proper packaging should be provided to the products with the ingredients clearly mentioned in a visible font.

3. If the use of any chemical is at all necessary in any skin product then it should be allowed in permissible limit and should be clearly mentioned on the cover.

4. Statutory warning may also be provided so that the selection of that particular product is left to the choice of the buyer.

5. Proper recycling after the use of the product should also be mentioned so that it doesn’t pose any threat to the environment.


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