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THE UGANDAN GOVERNMENT: Draft and enact legislation condemning the practice of child sacrifice.

To The Government of Uganda

We the undersigned petition H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni; the First Lady of Uganda—Hon. Janet K. Museveni; the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga; the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda Rt. Hon. Jacob L'Okori Oulanya; the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Welfare—Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut; the Leader of the Opposition Party Parliament of Uganda Hon. Nandala Mafabi; and other Hon. Members of the Ugandan Parliament to draft and enact legislation specifically addressing the practice of child sacrifice in Uganda.

Each year untold numbers of children are abducted, mutilated, or murdered as innocent victims of ritualistic child sacrifice. A recent report on child sacrifice and the mutilation of children in Uganda (HumaneAfrica, 2013) indicates that cases of child sacrifice are still on the rise with at least one child mutilated or killed every week for ritual purposes ( While the Ugandan government has made some efforts towards this agenda through the creation of a specific task force to combat child sacrifice, specific legislation and enforcement of the law is still lacking. Legislation by the Ugandan government would provide tangible assistance in the dedicated efforts to combat the practice of child sacrifice in Uganda. This petition adds voice to an increasing number of civil society groups and citizens calling for similar actions from the Ugandan Government.

A composite definition of child sacrifice:

"Child sacrifice is the harmful practice of removing a child's body parts, blood, or tissue while the child is still alive. These body parts, blood or tissue are either worn, buried, or consumed by an individual in the belief they will assist with a number of issues including: overcoming illness, gaining wealth, obtaining blessings from ancestors, protection, initiation, assisting with conception, and dictating gender of a child (HumaneAfrica, 2013).

Read more about child sacrifice:

Witchdoctors reveal the extent of Child Sacrifice in Uganda (BBC News Report, 2010): Uganda: Man arrested trying to sell a child (New Vision, November, 2011): Where child sacrifice is a business (BBC News Report, October, 2011): End Child Sacrifice Report (Jubilee Campaign and Kyampisi Childcare Ministries, 2011):

Together, we can end child sacrifice

[Rose Nanyonga Clarke]

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