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Stop the Federal Drug War: Cannabis and Hemp Legalization

Dear Indiana Representatives (Senate: Lugar, Coats)(House: Visclosky, Donnelly, Stutzman, Rokita, Burton, Pence, Carson, Bucshon, Young):

As a nation, the taxpayers have lost hundreds of billion of dollars fighting a failed "drug war". These policies are widely unpopular and continues to lose the support of the people. Many states have already passed laws to decriminalize marijuana, which is well within their constitutional rights. Unfortunately, the federal laws are often imposed on citizens of those states who are obeying all state laws. Harsh federal criminal charges are imposed on non-violent individuals who's only crime was to obey their state's laws. This is an abuse of the power of the federal government against the constitutionally protected rights of the states and their people. The "drug war" props up cartels, violates our civil rights, encourages violent criminal behavior, funds the militarization of civilian police forces, fills prisons, and answers to special interests only. In a time of crippling debt, we need to take an example from the international community and rethink the way we approach our drug problems. It should be treated not punished. Research has shown that these are extremely useful plants. Hemp is an environmentally friendly alternative to many of the materials used today, and is in no way a drug. These products can be applied to many industries.

Examples: Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Bio-fuels, Bio-degradable plastics, Textiles, etc.

We are asking the representatives of Indiana to stop wasteful spending on a failed "drug war". We the people can find better uses for our money.

Thank you.

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    Larry Bucshon
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    Todd Young
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    Todd Rokita
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    Dan Coats
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    Marlin Stutzman
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    Andre Carson
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    Joe Donnelly
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    Jackie Walorski
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    Luke Messer
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    Susan Brooks
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    Pete Visclosky
  • Indiana Governor

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