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Stop Being Greedy, Amazon! Eliminate Sales Tax Collection Service Fee!

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Do you buy or sell stuff on I'm Cindy, and I use Amazon to buy and sell stuff, too.

But now Amazon started charging a 2.9% fee for collecting sales tax on behalf of third-party sellers beginning February 1, 2012, which forces:

(1)  thousands of SMALL BUSINESSES to further shrink already narrow margins and LOSE revenues, which, in turn, may cause…

(2)  Amazon SHOPPERS to end up paying for Amazon's greed in the form of HIGHER PRICES.

Please don't let this happen! I don't want to pay more as a buyer AND as a seller!

Tell Amazon that customers and small businesses alike should not pay for their greed! Sign my petition.

This petition is NOT about whether sales taxes should be levied on internet retailers or not, it’s about the fact that Amazon wants to PROFIT from collecting sales taxes! No one else I’ve found does this, not eBay, not Best Buy, not even Walmart.

Read for yourself. Here’s where you can find Amazon’s “Tax Collection Services Terms”:

In September of 2011, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a mandate requiring Amazon and other out-of-state internet retailers to collect sales taxes on purchases by California customers.

Now, Amazon wants to CHARGE and make potentially MILLIONS of DOLLARS from its sellers and shoppers for collecting these state-mandated sales taxes.

Not only do I buy things on Amazon, but I also decided to become a third-party seller not long ago as a way to reach more people for my fledgling small business, even though Amazon takes a huge percentage of each sale.

In order to comply with state sales tax laws (I'm in California), I decided to use Amazon's sales tax collection option. Then a few days ago, I received an email “reminder” from Amazon stating they will charge their sellers a 2.9% fee on sales taxes collected starting Feb. 1, 2012.

Please don't let this happen! Tell Amazon that we don’t want to pay for their greed! Please sign and share my petition.

Sure, 2.9% may not be a huge amount to some, but for the average American consumer and fledgling businesses hoping to grow, every penny makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!

If you believe that Amazon should stop this form of greed that could cost Amazon shoppers and independent sellers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, please join me in telling them NO to the SALES TAX COLLECTION FEE! Sign my petition and tell your friends, family and colleagues today.

Thank you.

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