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Millions are struggling to find and hold a job in the wake of the recession. One thing that has always helped is child care; having high-quality, affordable care for children gives parents the flexibility to advance their careers.

But federal support for child care is drying up. Federal stimulus dollars that propped up child care support to parents is running out, even as demand continues to increase natiowide.

Tell Congress: Increase child care support for struggling families!

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I am writing in support of boosting federal aid for child care.

As the national unemployment rate remains above 9 percent, I feel we must do more to help American families get back on their feet. Child care provides a vital support to employment by allowing parents to pursue their careers knowing their children are getting high-quality, affordable care.

But with stimulus package dollars for child care running out, federal support for child care is declining. Waiting lists are growing nationwide even as unemployment remains high. And only one-third of American 4th grade students are at or above the “proficient” level in reading, according to the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Education Progress.

I believe high-quality, affordable child care is key both to helping ease unemployment and helping ensure child development. Please support greater federal child care aid by bolstering the Child Care Development Block Grant and by protecting child care from cuts by the congressional “super committee.”

Thank you for your attention to this vital issue for children and parents.

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