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Help Stop the Production of Auto and Semi-Automatic Weapons for Civilian use

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Gun violence is one of the major problems in the United States at this time.  It seems like every couple of days there is a school shooting or some other mass shooting.  There have been many ideas put forth by the government and citizens about how to fix this problem.  Some of them include arming teachers, increasing security everywhere, etc.  But not many people mention anything about the gun use.  I feel the only way to fix this problem is obvious, get rid of guns.  Now I am not saying completely get rid of guns, that would be against the second ammendment, "The Right to Bear Arms."  But we do need to rid the country of certain weapons, and by this, I mean Automatic and Semi-Automatic weapons.  There is no point in having these kinds of guns for civilian use, the production of these weapons is what causes these mass shootings.  I propose that any semi or full auto gun such as an AR-15, AK-47, etc be banned from the U.S citizens.  These guns are beneficial to the U.S military, but letting civilians have access to these is not smart.  Going along with stopping the production of these types of guns we need to also stop the production of ammo for them as well.  Many people in the U.S (especially the ones that enact mass shootings, or plan to) already have these weapons, so without ammo, no deaths.  I also feel that all the automatic or semi-automatic weapons for sale now should be somehow destroyed to make another shooting less likely.  Many veterans that served recently might also have these types of guns because they are verified to have them.  But the fact that they used them to kill mass amounts of enemies in combat, it might not be a great idea for them to have them now.  So I propose that nobody can keep any weapons when they leave the military.  That way the U.S military is already more supplied and it could prevent another mass shooting.  Some guns though, are good. Such as a handgun for self-defense or non-auto rifles for hunting.  I am ok with any kind of gun except for the ones that just spray bullets.  I believe that if these laws are put into place, our country can become a safer place.  But there is another problem with these shootings.  Many of the enactors of these shootings have been people who are either mentally unstable or just mad or acting on feelings.  If there were better treatment centers for depression and other mental diseases than it would also help protect the country.  May God Bless America!

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