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Disable Corporate Greed

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This is a movement that's getting larger by the hour. Every person who represents the 99% who are occupying Wall St. is aiming to End Corporate Greed,

End the tax cuts and subsidies for Large Scale Corporations like GE and BP.

STRIP Corporations ability to contribute unlimited amounts of money to legislation

Stop funneling tax dollars to huge defense contractors, uber-rich investment bankers, (and privately owned prison-corporations). Use our tax dollars to care for our children's health and educations, our 20% in poverty and unemployed, and our elderly and disabled. Democracy is not possible when the rich control both government and the media.

Corporations such as Big Pharma want you to buy their drugs with no end in sight.
Corporations such as Big Oil want you to buy their oil and gas with no end in sight.
Corporations such as Monsanto only want you to buy their seeds with no end.

Corporations intimidate, oppress, and strip the average person of their right to be aware, free thinking, willful.

Stop Corporate Greed; Your Constituents Have Spoken and will continue to vote, and vote with their dollars!!

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