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The American People demand that Rep.Boehner submit his resignation.

There is a long and perpetually updating list of reasons why Speaker of the House John Boehner should be removed from office, but his latest stand against birth control and contraceptives is the proverbial last straw. We the American People hereby renounce John Boehner's authority as Speaker, and demand that he step down and a replacement be democratically appointed. He has refused to act cooperatively in negotiations with our President. He has consistently striven to raise burden and austerity measures on the poor, the sick and the elderly while simultaneously refusing to increase any sort of austerity measure on the wealthiest Americans, who are now doing phenomenally well, more so than ever. He has proposed a plan to trim $1.2 trillion in spending by taking an axe to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, while forgetting that his budget plan falls short by around $350 billion. His insubordination toward the will of the American public; his brinksmanship with the economy, and now this unbelievable attempt to take contraceptives away from the poor, thus perpetuating class-warfare by encouraging overpopulation of those of lesser incomes, educational opportunity, and socioeconomic standing by encouraging abstinence instead of contraception, which has consistently been showed a flawed ideology. We must stand together and oppose this man, for his agenda is the very same as those who would wish this nation destruction in the name of profit.

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