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Introduce a bill that would make open adoption contracts legally binding

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Every year, millions of women faced with unplanned pregnancies choose adoption for their children. In recent years, adoptions have grown to have varying levels of openness, ranging from photos and letters, all the way to regularly scheduled visits with the birthparents and/or extended birthfamily.

Many women enter in to what they believe will be an open adoption for the sake of the child(ren) they feel unable to raise. Women are promised varying degrees of openness. Some are promised simply a letter and picture once a year, some are promised phone calls and emails, and some are even promised a set number of visits per year.
While most birthparents go into the adoption aware that the adoptive parents have the right to change the agreement at any time, not all are informed. And while many adoptive parents have every intention of fulfilling their end of the agreement, too many fail to follow through with the commitment once the adoption is finalized.
I am asking you, the United States Congress, to introduce and pass a bill that would allow for legally enforceable open adoption contracts. I am asking that adoptive parents be held to the openness they promise birthparents prior to adopting their children, and to require legal action and valid cause for concern for the child's well being to close an agreed upon open adoption.
Thank you.

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