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Congressman Lamborn, your racist comments to the President were wrong.

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Respect for our President and our government leaders is important even if we do not agree with them. It is never right to refer to them using racist terms. And then, banning people from your Facebook page just because they had the nerve to tell you this, just shows that you should be more willing to listen to your constituents. Issuing an apology press release after you got bombarded with comments is too convenient. Is that the best you can do?



Rep. Doug Lamborn likened compromising with Obama to "touching a tar baby" on talk radio today. But he probably didn't mean to use the racially charged term in a racist way, right? There's no way he missed the lesson from John McCain's "tar baby" blunder, or Mitt Romney's "tar baby" blunder, or Tony Snow's "tar baby" blunder, right?

Given the famed political correctness of Lamborn's district in Colorado Springs--home of sexually repressed meth head pastors and family-focused homophobes--I'm guessing this is all a big misunderstanding. Lamborn probably meant to say was "touching a star, maybe" or "clutching bizarre rabies." Linguistic interpretation is in the ear of the beholder, so if you think this is a racist, then probably you are the racist, so there. [audio of his comments at]

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