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For people to stop littering

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Littering is a big problem to many things but there is three things I think that littering effects more and those things are Animals,and the Environment.I think the animals are facing a problem of them eating the trash and dying and also getting trash stuck around there neck and chocking them to death.Also how its affect the Environment is because it is destroying plants and animals because trash has toxic and when it sits for a while the toxic releases and get on plants animals and other things that are living and kill it.

I think how we can stop people from littering is make more trash cans and also be more strict on writing tickets to people who litter.I think people can make a big change of not littering and if we don't make the change more animals  will die and the environment that we live in now will just get worse and worse every year.But, if we do stop t littering then we will have a better environment to live in and we wont be living in a trash can and the poor little innocent animals will live.

The reason I want people to stop because its killing innocent animals and I'm a big animal person and I love animals and also animals are some what a big part in the world they can help get rude of things that are bad like insects.

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