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Save Our Dreamers

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We the People of The United Stated of America, find that under DACA we have kept many young immigrants who where brought here as small children in and endless limbo of two-year periods of deferred action from deportation. There is no way for them to become US Citizens under DACA. These Immigrants (known as our Dreamers) where brought here at very young ages by their parents who where seeking refuge and a better life in our great country. After all that is what the United States is made of. People from other countries who have come to live the infamous "American Dream".

Under Obama Administration in 2012 the DACA act was created. The Dreamers registered under DACA with hope. What they got was and endless loop of renewals and being ignored by the very people who instated this ACT for them. Now the dreamers are finding themselves scared as the threat to take away DACA (which remember was made to protect them) could possibly ruin their lives. By deporting them to unknown places they don't remember, know the language of or even the culture.

I am not a Dreamer. I am a US Citizen fighting for the Dreamers who i know are good people and productive members of our communities.

By Signing this potion We the People of The United States of American, are challenging The White House to create a new Act for the Dreamers to free them of the endless loop of DACA. Not by deporting them to an unknown land, but by allowing them to stay here in the US, continue building their lives and to have the RIGHT to become a U.S. CITIZEN just like any one else.


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