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Get Money out of politics by sponsoring Publicly Financed Elections

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There is no I, in " We the People. " There is no us, in " We the People." There is no them, in " We the People." Unfortunately, there is no voice for " We the People."
Why hasn't Glass- Steagall been reenacted or similar legislation been enacted? ( Glass-Steagall is legislation, enacted after the Wall Street crash of 1929, keeping investment banks and saving banks separate.Which President Clinton signed away in 1999.Setting the stage for the financial meltdown in 2008.)
Why were the " Too Big To Fail " banks, responsible for causing the financial meltdown, bailed out and Main Street left out?( The bail out money could have been put to better use creating jobs by fixing our crumbling infrastructure.)
Why has no one been indicted for causing the financial meltdown?
Why don't we have a national strategy to develop renewable energy and stop the burning of fossil fuels?
Why are we the only industrialized nation that treats health care as a commodity?
Why does it take 60 senators to change a light bulb?
Why have there been 5 or 6 jobless recoveries?
Where are the jobs?
Why do we have "for profit" prisons, that make people a commodity?
Because, the people we elect to represent us have sold us out to their corporate and deep pocketed backers. They spend their time trying to keep their jobs, by appeasing their corporate backers, and not doing their jobs representing the people.
Vice President Cheney made it perfectly clear who he represented when he was in office. While on a national news show,when told that most of the American public was not in favor of his foreign policy, as it pertained to Iraq, his response was " So."
How anyone democratically elected and sworn to uphold the Constitution could pass some of the recent legislation is beyond reason. The Patriot Act, the most liberty usurping and unconstitutional piece of legislation America has ever seen, was passed not once but twice, is proof that " We the People" isn't what our legislators are concerned with.
NDAA,( National Defense Authorization Act ) which denies due process in allowing the Army to detain American citizens indefinitely was also passed twice. So much for the oath they took to uphold and defend the constitution.
Free Trade Agreements, another recent phenomenon, allows manufacturers to move offshore to exploit cheap labor and less,if any, regulations. Then import these goods into the United States circumventing tariffs designed to protect American labor. The corporations increase their profits while working Americans struggle with fewer jobs and a ever growing trade deficit. If our manufacturers have to abide by safety and environmental standards, shouldn't everything we sell in the United States meet those same standards?
Our representatives constantly preface what they say with," the American people want..." when they have no idea what the American people want. They represent the corporations. How about jobs? How about a sustainable future, both economically and environmentally?
The only way for us to recover our rapidly vanishing Republic is to change the way we elect our representatives. When 94% of the candidates who outspend their opponents get elected, our Republic's for sale and " We the People ' can't afford to buy it.
Get Money Out of Politics, this issue is not about: Occupy, Tea Party, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, Independents, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, War, Peace, or any of the other issues that divide us.This is about government, By the People, For the People and Of the People.We must come together, united in our effort to put the "We" back into "We the People." Because as long as money equals votes the voice of the people will be ignored.
While in NY this summer I was approached by a Frenchman, who informed me that Publicly Financed Elections in France, cost each French citizen 3 dollars per year. Of course, their election cycle is less than 3 months.Election cycles in the United States are marathons, perpetuating the money = votes system.
This petition is a call to all Americans, concerned about the downward spiral our once great Republic is on, to unite together and tell our elected officials to get Money Out of Politics. Let's show our elected officials what " We the People" want.

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