Stop ignoring the abuse and rapping cases of animals. Justice for this kitten.

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There was a recent case were a 15 year old and his cousins; friends raped a kitten. The kitten was raped so much it messed up its organs. The cat could not walk from trauma and pain. It’s two holes became one from the repeated rape. Blood and sperm pored out of its hole. The kitten later died after the woman who took care of the kids took it the vet. She saw the kitten struggling before and offered to take it to the vet but they took it away. They have not been punished and their parents don’t believe they would do such a thing. Hopefully with this petition their can be a justice law for innocent animals. People who can rape and abuse innocent animals also would do such a thing to human. We need a law for whoever does this is taken to jail for a LONG time. Animal cases are always ignored. I/we demand justice for this kitten and many other cases. Animals have been abused and taken and advantage for way to long and they never do anything.