Stop posting fortnite wins on snapchat

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So your minding your business, and decide to check everybody's Snapchat story. then BOOM! Fortnite wins. Annoyed, you tap off, only to be met with yet another Fortnite win. 13 Fortnite wins later you are ready to delete Snapchat all together when you see a glimmer of hope. Somebody, some godly person has decided to take a stand. They've made a petition, *this petition* to stop people from posting their Fortnite wins. 

Together, we can end this. "But how?" I hear you asking, wondering, your heart filling with dread as you realize this menace to humanity might be free to destroy our civilization as we know it. But don't worry, I have come up with a solution. If you see someone post their Fortnite win on Snapchat:

-Send them a message along the lines of "nobody cares about your Fortnite wins you absolute plebeian"

-Block them, both on snapchat and in person. If they attempt to talk to you, just scream as loud and high as you can before turning and naruto running as fast as you can in the opposite direction

-If somebody you are dating posts their Fortnite win, leave them. Just send them the message "We're done" while they sleep

-If possible get their IP and send it to the email address, I will make sure they are no longer able to play or post Fortnite anymore

-Get whatever device they are playing on while they sleep and switch the keys to alphabetical order, meaning they will be so bad they will never be capable of getting a Fortnite win again

-Invite them into your car and "accidentally" slam the car door on the fingers, crushing them to dust. This should give you at least a 7 month period in which they are no longer available to play Fortnite

-Secretly hook their home tap up to their power grid, electrocuting them and leaving them brain-dead and unable to play Fortnite anymore

-Kidnap them in their sleep and ship them off to my own personal island, which includes a completely separate internet network, meaning they are free to play Fortnite with the only people capable of seeing their wins are the other plebeians also posting their Fortnite wins

With this expertly well thought out tactic we are able to crush the most dangerous threat to the human species we are currently facing. Help me spread awareness and attack this problem at the source, eradicating Fortnite wins from snapchats all over the globe