Petition Closed

This petition expresses student and faculty support of our dedicated janitorial staff during the upcoming contract negotiations.

Letter to
The Tufts University Administration and UGL Unicco
This summer, Tufts janitors represented by SEIU Local 615 will be re-negociating their contract with UGL Unicco. As students, faculty and other members of the Tufts community, we expect the Tufts administration to push for improved conditions as expressed in the negotiation.

Tufts janitors have dedicated their time, energy and safety to keep Tufts up and running during even the most inclement conditions. The entire Tufts community would undoubtedly suffer without their efforts. For this reason, we expect that their hard work will be honored with the dignity and respect they deserve. Tufts encourages active citizenship, which we define as a community that "understands the obligation and undertakes the responsibility to improve community conditions, build healthier communities, and address social problems." We believe that this notion of active citizenship begins in our own community. We will hold the university to this standard.