#RememberOurBadgers: Have Tucson High Yearbook add all fine arts/sports every year.

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Dear Tucson High Fine Arts Students,
Over the years, year book club/staff has prioritized irrelevant events and claims they do not have enough room to include all the fine arts programs EQUALLY every year. This is extremely unacceptable for the fine arts programs that work just as hard if not harder as then the athletic programs at Tucson High (where all the athletic programs get their pages every year with no questions asked). This is my senior year at Tucson High and I have been in the band program for all of my years here, and this year is a year where band will not have our page. Our year of hard work and memories will be unnoticed and turn into dust, because yearbook would rather take up half a page to remind us if we liked hot Cheetos or Takis better. And I am not the only one who will have to go through this, seniors and alumni before me have walked across the stage heartbroken because they were not recognized for their outstanding seasons and where only treated as an after thought in the end.
As badgers we stand together as one. We are a Fine Arts Magnet school and as fine art students we help bring our school badger pride from marching on the football field to singing at the Mariachi conference and dancing on a stage.
We deserve equal and consistent representation in the yearbook.
Please share this and let us heard to be remembered. #RememberOurBadgers 

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