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Petition to remove Yixing from the TTR staff team

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Yixing is a staff member (unknown age, corrected issue) of Toontown Rewritten, however, Yixing has already been found out to have falsely banned dozens of players for the wrong reasons and wrong lengths of time, to name a few, he has already banned several players for ban evasion even though they've never been banned on any accounts, he has also terminated many accounts for things which clearly were not as the ban reason said, even for a first ban, he has also banned a player for 6 weeks for telling someone to "shut up" which is a WHITELISTED phrase you can say in TTR.

Not forgetting the fact he has also abused his moderator powers by using external websites and social media such as YouTube and Instagram, which he actually has an account on, as a means to penalise other players, which, in  nearly all cases, is very wrong and is never acceptable in ANY online game whatsoever. 

He is known for warning and banning players for saying things which are supposedly rude, but in fact, are not rude at all, even when no chat filters are actually being bypassed. 

He has also warned and kicked several people I've heard of from saying things which are part of the game, such as doodle names or building names. Regardless of context, this should not be happening. 

If action is not taken, Yixing may be the new Harv, who also always banned people without good reason also. 

We request the top TTR team conduct a full investigation into Yixing's actions and, if he is found to have abused ANY moderation powers, for him to be stripped of all moderator privileges immediately. 

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