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Replace representative democracy in the UK with a direct democracy

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People need to support this because there are too many problems with the government in our country and other countries which suffer from our own doings in both kinds of places. For example Afghanistan.

We need to make people decide things for the future of the UK and ultimately the world as we are a very significant power in the world. We need to get rid of these so-called "representatives" who continue to claim that they're "trying" to solve the problem to our economic crisis, when they are the ones weakening it further. An example would be borrowing money from private banks.

Furthermore I believe it is the duty of the PEOPLE to step in and take control of their own future, rather than trust it in the hands of the kinds of people who make jokes in the parliament.

I hope this message gets across and I truly wish to bring prosperity to the lives of ordinary people in our nation.

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