The Living Conditions of our First Nations Communities in Canada are unacceptable.

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In a society that is forever changing with new developments, it can sometimes be tough to take a hard look at the countries suffering nearby, but even harder to realize that there are communities only 25 minutes away that are suffering as well. There is roughly 14.9 million people living in a town or community throughout Ontario, whereas there is 301, 425 people that are living on the reserve without basic human rights such as proper housing, water or thorough education.

We need to find new ways to change the conditions that our First Nations peoples have been living with for multiple years. It’s hard to live a life when the home you have is breaking from the outside structure to the people living within it. Every year the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have been living a life with inadequate housing, horrible water conditions and an inconsistent education system. A need for change is needed in Canada for those that aren’t giving an opportunity or funding to be able to better their own lives. Although, changes needed to be made nationwide, we as a group believe that the biggest change has to be made in Ontario first, as 21.5 percent of Aboriginal peoples reside within the province of Ontario. The only way this change will be made is if ,we the people, decide to make our voices heard to the Government. If more people were to speak up about the unrightful treatment that our Aboriginal communities live with, then our Government may decide to make a change regarding the treatment that the 2 percent of our population that are left suffering everyday. The change has to be made with surrounding communities standing up for the people that originally made this country as great as it currently is.

This is a petition by Lucy Hunter, Megan Giroux and Shauna Floyd.