Cab Services in Dehli with Female Drivers

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Delhi is not safe for women...need we say more? There are plethora of examples to support the statement. Gang rapes and murders we hear of every single day send jitters down one's spine. Chilling accounts of brutality and nothing solid we could do about it.

Recently a girl student missed an opportunity in life just because she feared risking her security to write an examination as reaching examination venue meant availing cab services of Delhi in wee hours of morning. She could think of everything but that and found security in losing one opportunity in life. She chose honour over career. Many women and girls out there would relate to her as they may have made such sacrifices too at some point in their lives. But does that mean we should give up? Should we not as women citizens' ask for alternatives and stand up for our rights? 

"It is not safe for a woman to travel in a city like Dehli alone in wee hours of morning or during night" is what we hear from our elders and families every single day. But should we let it go? No. We have to stand up and ask for things.

Mumbai has already started cab services with female drivers. Why should it not be an option in Delhi? We have already wrote an application to the Delhi chief minister and are hopeful over a positive action in this case. We implore authorities to replicate Mumbai model of "cab services with female drivers" in Delhi too.

There may be many questions raised over the security of female cab drivers themselves in a city like Delhi (which is valid to some extent) but we have not just an idea but a full-fledged plan to suggest as and when government is ready to talk over this.

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