4 May 2019
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Charlie McConaloue T.D. (Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by CJ Gaffney

We are asking for an official and impartial investigation to be set up to include the 3 EU countries involved in the former Irish fishing boat "Mary Kate - WD30''.

Holland, where she was constructed, Germany, where she was under flag and where her Stability Book was stamped and her Sailing Permit issued every 2 years, and Ireland, where the major stability problem was discovered.

Why was the Stability Book of the Mary Kate signed and stamped by Germanischer Lloyd in Germany - when there is no doubt she was unseaworthy from when she was built?

How was a valid Sailing Certificate issued every 2 years by the German Ship Safety Division - when she clearly was unseaworthy?

Examine the role of the Irish Marine Survey Office in their handling of all aspects of the case of the "Mary Kate"?

Examine the role of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine in their handling  of the "Mary Kate?

The recent investigation by the Dutch Safety Board into beam trawlers under 24 meters  recommends conducting broader research into the stability of beam trawlers under 24M with the aim of increasing safety for the entire Dutch fleet.  Our former fishing boat Mary Kate WD30 was Dutch built and her Stability Booked stamped by Germany and Germany also issued a valid Safety Certificate every 2 years for our former boat.

We are now financially ruined.  We have lost our boat, our fishing quota, our fishing license. We have lost our good name.  We have lost  respect within our fishing community.  We have no credit worthiness with financial institutions.  We have lost a proud fishing heritage spanning 5 generations of my family. 

 Please sign our petition. Help us get justice and compensation for a damning error which has financially ruined us.

The link below is the latest Article on the Mary Kate and shows this is a IRISH & European problem and needs to be acted on immediately in the interests of fishermen's safety and shows than an inquiry is needed to find out how this happened and to stop it ever happening again.

For more information on the Gaffney family and their plight, please visit:

Twitter: MaryKateWD30

Facebook: MaryKateWD30

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Signatures: 2,561Next Goal: 5,000
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