Change the outdated bylaw to allow chickens in Wainfleet Hamlet

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I live on the border of the Wainfleet Hamlet and Agricultural Land Designation. I have a farm across the street from me and a farm to my right. I have had chickens for 6 years with zero issues until new neighbours moved into the house next door. After 6 years we are being forced to rehome our rescue birds (my 12 year old son and I have spent years rehabilitating sick or injured birds and letting them live a good life), and we are devastated to say the least. So much time, care and money has been put into this project and in trying to compromise with town planners and bylaw have met a brick wall. According to the map, where I live is 100-350 feet from the border of agricultural designation. Toronto, Port Colborne, Niagara Falls and many other cities allow chickens but not in our RURAL COMMUNITY. Let's change this and keep Wainfleet rural!